Learning to Work (LTW) Program Description

Learning to Work (LTW) is a program that leads students toward rewarding employment and educational experiences after graduation. Through LTW students participate in paid after school internships.  Internships are usually entry-level positions that come in all shapes and sizes in which student interns are given a variety of tasks designed to introduce them to the workings of the company, gain professional skills, interact with employees, learn about a particular industry or organizational culture, and prepare for a permanent position. These on the job experiences provide a bridge between classroom learning and the practical, real world of work.

Students also participate in the bi-weekly LTW Seminar.  Seminar is a forum in which students prepare for ongoing success at their internship sites by building “soft skills”, including the communication skills necessary for professional work settings. It is also an opportunity for students to discuss areas of concern at their internships, and identify possible solutions.

In addition to being paid, students will receive 1 service credit for every 54 hours of LTW participation.

Organizations where students have internships:

FATA (Fashion and Arts Fund) –Fashion based initiatives

Dailey Care – Daycare facility

Man Up – Daycare facility

Lightning Orchard – Ad Agency

Abu’s Bakery – Bakery

Brooklyn Justice Initiatives – Court Related Initiatives

Financially CLEAN – Financial Literacy

Beam Center – Constructions and Design

Cook 4 Life – Cooking and Nutrition

Zen Animals – Animal Day Care, Boarding and Grooming

Leadership & Social Justice – Social Justice Initiative